Danfoss program med temperaturgivare är baserat på många årtiondens globala erfarenheter inom den marina industrin och från kylanläggningar - utan tvivel några av de hårdaste miljöer. Även i dessa krävande omgivningar kan du lita på våra produkter; de har en lång livslängd tack vare den robusta designen.
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Vanliga frågor

Do Danfoss products comply with RoHS directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)?
Yes, all declarations of conformity, including RoHS and WEEE, can be found in our internet product catalogue. Look up the product of your interest and find the relevant document either under the Literature link or the Approvals & Certificates link.
Where can I find approvals and certificates for Danfoss products? E.g. do you have a PED certificate for KP7W?
You can find product approvals and certificates for all our products on our internet website. Follow this link to search for documents either by product or by authority: http://www.danfoss.com/BusinessAreas/IndustrialAutomation/Documentation/Approvals+and+Certificates.htm
I'm looking for a Danfoss code number and I have not found it in any catalogues?
Som code numbers are not available for all markets, or it may have been replaced by another number. To resolve the issue, please contact your nearest Danfoss office: http://www.danfoss.com/Contact/Worldwide/
Could I send you a Danfoss part for repair?
Danfoss does not have repair departments locally. For warranty or complaints issues, please contact your nearest Danfoss sales office and they will tell you how we handle these issues in your area.
Does Danfoss offer products with ATEX certificate (EEx)?
Yes, you can order solenoid coils, switches, pressure transmitters and temperature sensors with this approval.
Can you deliver your products worldwide?
Yes, we have own distribution centre across the world, working together with more than 100 distributors and agents. You can see your nearest distributor or Danfoss office here: http://www.danfoss.com/Contact/Sales_and_Services/
Do you have a complete catalogue showing all your products?
Our internet product catalogue is the most extensive information source: http://www.danfoss.com/Products/Categories/ Besides these products, Danfoss also produces customer-specific products and solutions that are not visible in the catalogue. Please contact your nearest Danfoss office to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.
Can you deliver products exclusively made for us?
Yes, we have the possibility to develop products that are unique for one customer subject to individual agreements. The products may differ in appearance, technical features or packaging. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Which distribution channels does Danfoss use?
Danfoss makes use of different channels, including distributors, to suit the markets' needs. An increasing number of our customers use our web ordering and EDI e-commerce solutions.
Can I review your stock online?
Yes. By using Danfoss web-ordering, you can check product availability. Please contact Danfoss to get access to web-ordering.
Where can I find technical drawings of Danfoss products?
Dimension and function drawings of our products are often part of the products'' technical leaflets. In our internet product catalogue (http://www.danfoss.com/Products/Categories/), find the product of your interest, then follow the Literature link to see available items.
Where do I direct commercial or technical questions?
Danfoss worldwide sales and services is available here: http://www.danfoss.com/Contact/Sales_and_Services/ Your nearest Danfoss office will be able to answer your question, or have it directed to the appropriate expert.
Do you have local stock?
This depends on the country and product concerned. Our logistics are set up to achieve competitive and reliable delivery performance for our customers.
Where can we find your data sheets?
All relevant literature, including technical brochures, are available on our Web site: http://www.danfoss.com/BusinessAreas/IndustrialAutomation/Documentation/Industrial+Automation+Literature.htm
Do you have local websites in my language?
Yes, please see http://www.danfoss.com/ and then use the "Local sites" option in the top right-hand corner.
Is it possible to place orders online?
Yes, you can place orders and access order information online. Please contact Danfoss to get access to web-ordering. You can see the benefits of Danfoss web-ordering at http://www.danfoss.com/Products/ebusiness/
Does Danfoss operate globally?
Yes. More than 100 Danfoss sales companies and more than 100 agents are spread across the world, making Danfoss nearby, always.
Is Danfoss a German company?
No, it is a globally acting group with headquarters in Denmark.
Where can I find some technical information about your products?
Please see our online product catalogue: http://www.danfoss.com/BusinessAreas/IndustrialAutomation/Product+catalogue/IA+product+catalogue.htm
Can you send me literature, brochures or catalogues on your products?
We appreciate your interest and will happily send you an overview of our offering in print. Please contact your local Danfoss office or e-mail us on ia@danfoss.com, describing your interest and application.
I placed an order through e-commerce. Could you please check the delivery dates and inform me the earliest possible delivery?
Delivery dates are supplied in the e-commerce system and based on Danfoss standards. If the confirmed delivery date is not acceptable, please contact Danfoss through e-mail or telephone.
Does Danfoss provide a solution for pressure control of screw compressors?
Yes, for this application we recommend our pressure switches type KP and pressure transmitters type MBS 3000. We also have the solenoid valves and temperature sensors to control other parts of your compressor.

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